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We can show you ways to get the most out of QuickBooks and into QuickBooks, by utilizing its strengths and avoiding its weaknesses!

It's no surprise why QuickBooks is the leader in small business accounting software.  It's a user-friendly program that is easy to start using.  QuickBooks has made accounting approachable for non-accountants by using terms and graphics that are easy to follow. 

Unfortunately, the comfort level that QuickBooks creates can lead to problems.  There are several ways to enter transactions and it is easy to learn the "hard way" first. 

QuickBooks is not designed for restaurants, and is not well-suited for maintaining restaurant inventory.  It is best used as a summary tool, with other programs like Aspect doing the detail work.

 Get the most out of QuickBooks:
We provide Setup, Training, Integration, Support, and System Management of QuickBooks Products for Restaurants

NOT A QUICKBOOKS USER? We can integrate the Bullseye System with Peachtree, Great Plains, MS Small Business, MAS90* and other programs






Select the right QuickBooks Version

Program Installation & Company Setup

Real Restaurant Chart of Accounts

Memorized Transactions

Budgeting and Forecasting

Online Bank Reconciliation

Daily Sales Reconciliation

How to Handle Discounts and Comps

Custom Reports and Forms

QuickBooks Payroll Services









Note: not all QuickBooks versions have import capability

 Did you know that QuickBooks can import data?

Import Daily Sales and Invoices from Aspect

Import Payroll Journal Entries from Paychex and other payroll processors

Use Excel to format sales reports from your POS system into journal entries for QuickBooks

*MAS90 requires data integrator input