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David is a restaurateur who became a CPA.  His strong operations background makes him uniquely qualified to help restaurants.  He knows what is involved in taking a physical inventory or preparing an order.  He has worked with many of the foodservice suppliers, POS systems, and payroll processors that you use, and is equally comfortable in the kitchen or behind the bar as he is in front of a classroom or working on a computer.  

David has a passion for wine, cooking, computers, and teaching, so naturally, he became a restaurant computer controls consultant and instructor.  He has taught at the California Culinary Academy and lectured for several universities and hospitality companies.  He was recently on staff in the hospitality department at Columbus State Community College.  He is committed to helping restaurants become more successful through education and technology and has developed seminar programs and training material to teach the Bullseye System.  

David's clients will attest to his commitment to support.  It is not uncommon to find him online with a client working on inventory on a Sunday night, and then helping with orders Monday morning.   After all, most restaurants are not 9 - 5 operations!  

David has a Bachelor's Degree in Business from Emory University, an MBA from California State University, and a certificate degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration from Golden Gate University.  He is a member of the Ohio Society of CPA's, the AICPA, the Ohio Restaurant Association, and the National Restaurant Association

Over 20 Years as Restaurant Owner and Operator

Over 10 Years Teaching Restaurant Business

Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Quick Service and Catering Experience

Chain Restaurant and Independent Background

Computer Application Development and Software Integration Specialist

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor  

Aspect Software Sales, Installation, and Training

Works with Popular POS Systems, including Digital Dining, Aloha, and Micros 


Consultant, Restaurateur, and Educator















A Restaurant CPA David has owned and managed restaurants, and knows how to control profits