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Control Systems:






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There are many software products available that offer some of the processes required for the Bullseye System.  We can help you find a solution that fits your needs, and help implement the system.



POS System Modules
Most POS systems offer inventory and labor control add-on modules. Some of these work well and others don't.  The advantage in using these systems is that they integrate with the POS.  This can be a disadvantage if you want to change POS systems.   A big issue with POS add-ons is setup, training, and support.  Some dealers are as experienced with the add-ons as they are with the POS system, and may not be able to provide adequate setup and training for the modules.  POS modules tend to be less flexible for data integration and reporting functions.


Does the program offer all the features you want or need?

Does the program integrate with your other programs? (POS, G/L, Payroll)

Can you use the program if you change POS, accounting, or payroll systems?

How long has the program been around and how many users are there?

How experienced and reliable are the system implementers?

Who does the setup and what is the setup cost?

What type of training is included or available?

What type of support arrangements are available?








POS Systems:


We don't sell POS systems, but we can help you choose and implement a system.  We don't endorse any one POS system.  We work regularly with several popular POS systems, including Aloha, Digital Dining, Micros/HSI, and Restaurant Manager.  The key to finding the right POS is to identify your needs, both now and in five years.  Some advance planning will save you a lot of time and frustration.  If you want to implement full inventory control, you will want to setup your menu items for tracking.  Other considerations include numbering job codes and strategically naming sales categories.  This is not how most POS dealers usually set up the system, so it is wise to address these issues in the planning stage.







There are many programs that offer inventory or labor control functions. These range in price from $50 to over $20,000.   We looked at a lot of programs before settling on Aspect as our preferred solution and discovered some great finds and some real lemons. 
3RD Party Programs: