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Inventory standards and procedures can be divided into two groups: Inventory and Recipes.  Inventory refers to product purchased from outside vendors.  Recipes refer to menu items and items processed in-house.



Purchase Quality

Purchase Size

Purchase Price

Preferred Vendor

Par Ordering Level

Product Shelf Life




Inventory standards and procedures address the handling of food, beverages, and supplies purchased from outside vendors


Recipe standards and procedures address the production of batch recipes and the preparation of menu items






We Provide Recipe Costing for Food and Bar Menus







Batch Recipes are recipes for items you produce, that will be used as an ingredient for other recipes and may be counted in inventory.  An example would be a 5-gallon batch of chili.  

Setup Recipes are groups of recipes that are used repeatedly in different items. An example is a "burger setup," which includes a bun, burger, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Menu Item Recipes are for items you sell (in the POS system.)  Menu items typically are not inventoried.  An example would be a Cajun Swiss Burger.


Ingredient Quantity

Recipe Yield 

Portion Size 

Recipe Cost

Recipe Price and Gross Profit

Preparation Procedures and Time

Storage Procedures and Shelf Life

We have been doing recipe development for many years. We can tailor the setup for the detail you desire, utilizing Batch, Setup, and Menu Item recipes.

Specialty knowledge, such as mass-to-volume conversions and product yields is required for accurate recipe costing.  We have data for cooking yields, butchering yields, and ingredient  conversions from  industry research and from our own kitchen tests.  

We can work with your key managers to fine-tune your standards and teach them how to create effective recipes.  If needed, we can come to your kitchen and help work with your staff.