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System integration makes it possible to use information from one system in another system without re-keying the data.  This eliminates a big obstacle to control; delay.


There are three types of data you may want to integrate:

1. Daily sales and deposits

2. Invoices and inventory

3. Payroll Information







We offer two options for integrating systems:

1. Aspect Software includes integration capabilities

Imports sales and timekeeping data from most POS Systems

Imports invoices from online vendors like US Foods, Sysco, and Gordon Foods

Exports sales and invoices to QuickBooks and other accounting programs, such as Peachtree and Great Plains

Exports payroll data to Paychex, Heartland, ADP, and other payroll processors




A typical restaurant uses a POS system for sales and timekeeping information and other systems for inventory, accounting and payroll processing.  Valuable time is spent entering data and cross-checking for errors.  Data integration will save time, money, and reduce errors  



 2. Create or Configure Custom Integrations


We can use Excel to format sales export files from most POS systems for QuickBooks

Some inventory programs offer integration modules for POS systems

Some POS systems offer integration modules for QuickBooks and Payroll

Some payroll processing companies offer journal entries for QuickBooks

There are 3rd-party companies that specialize in integration




Tell us about your current configuration and we can suggest an integration plan