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This example uses Aspect Software and BQI to integrate inventory counting, invoice processing and purchasing, to get weekly inventory control with no data entry




INVENTORY VALUES: weekly extended inventory, using FIFO or Weighted Average method.

ORDERING: counts are used to generate Suggested Orders, based on par levels. Suggested Orders are reviewed and approved to create Purchase Orders for each vendor.  PO's can be used to place orders, price shop, and to receive deliveries.  

INVOICE ENTRY: PO's can be adjusted for any price changes or discrepancies and loaded as invoices.  Invoices can also be imported electronically from Sysco, US Foods, Gordon Foods and other vendors.  With invoices entered you have full purchasing, pricing, and usage data

Inventory + Purchasing = Weekly Cost of Sales Reports (Food Cost, bar Cost, ..etc) 

Invoice processing automatically updates prices for inventory items and recipes 

Weekly Ideal Food and Bar Costs and Perpetual Inventory (requires recipe entry)

Invoices can be exported to accounting programs like QuickBooks (Accounts Payable)





Most restaurateurs would like to have weekly inventory values with current purchase costs and recipe costs, but few want to go through the work of updating inventory and purchase data.


In the integrated system, inventory counts are used for both inventory valuation and ordering purposes, and costs are always current.



Here's what you get just from counting:

Line-item invoices with no data entry!



Using BQI with Aspect is a fast and easy way to control Food and Bar costs



Other software options are available.