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Why, When, And How To Inventory

What Should Your Food Cost Be?  Setting Operating Targets For Food And Beverage Cost  

How to Determine Daily and Weekly Breakeven

Recipe Costing and Menu Engineering Procedures

Proactive Scheduling and Evaluating Labor Productivity

Integrating Your Accounting, Payroll, and POS Systems

Some Seminar Topics:





Seminars can be presented in person or in web conferencing format.  Interested parties should contact David Tishkoff for terms and availability.



The "Control is Good, Chaos is Bad" educational seminar series is designed to help operators become more familiar with the control process and learn ways to implement control tool and methods.   Each topic includes examples of technology solutions for restaurants of varying styles and sizes. 

All topics include a PowerPoint presentation, with humorous references to the "Get Smart" television show. The suggested time frame is approximately 90 minutes, including time for questions.  The material can be edited to meet a minimum time of one hour.


David has taught college classes on restaurant control procedures and accounting, including the National Restaurant Association's PROMGMT certification course for "Records and Cost Control."