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The Bullseye Control System is a collection of interdependent and interrelated tools, procedures, and reports that target four main areas of the restaurant profit picture 








Desirable profit levels can be achieved by controlling daily costs and revenues and eliminating duplication work, which frees up managers to spend more time generating sales and managing performance.

You can implement a system for all four areas of control, or for individual  areas






Reduce Food & Bar Cost 5-10%

Reduce Bookkeeping Cost 33%

Improve Guest Satisfaction







Get accurate and timely performance evaluations with minimal effort, including food and beverage cost, labor cost, sales, and controllable P&L

Systems are customized for each restaurant using the PROFIT PROCESS

Managers are focused on short-term goals that are unique to their particular restaurant, and have daily feedback to measure progress 

Integrating data from POS, Accounting, Purchasing, and Payroll Systems minimizes duplicate data entry, saving time and reducing errors  

Complete setup, training, and ongoing management options are available so you can start using the system effectively, without a big learning curve

SOFTWARE, TOOLS, and PROCEDURES: to proactively manage inventory and labor and to integrate data from your POS System to your Accounting and Payroll Systems

TARGETS: daily, weekly, and monthly operating targets for Food, Beverage, Labor, and Overhead costs, that are calculated based on the actual sales mix for the period, using established standards and Ideal Analysis. 

CONTROL REPORTS: Simple and concise reports that measure performance by comparing actual results to the established operating targets 

Daily Sales Report combining sales and labor, that can be exported to your accounting program

Week-to-date Operating Report showing sales, COGS, purchasing, labor, and controllable costs  

Cost of Sales Reports showing actual F&B costs, ideal costs, and variances with item drill-down

Daily Labor Shift Cards that shows scheduled times for staff by department for each day or shift

Labor Reports showing actual hours and dollars, productivity measures, and schedule variance

We install management systems, not just software.  Bullseye combines sound business practice and technology with a user-friendly approach.