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BQI runs on PDA's running Palm OS v.3.5 or higher.  A Pocket PC version is in the works.

BQI contains two programs:

BQI Allows Users to Count Inventory on a Handheld PDA

The BQI Sync desktop makes it easy to review counts on your PC and create count exports for Aspect and other programs


1. BQI Basic: runs on a PDA

2. BQI Sync: an Access database that runs on your PC



BQI is like having an electronic clipboard for inventory.  The simple design makes it easy to count  inventory and eliminate data entry.

BQI eliminates duplicate data entry by allowing users to count on a PDA and sync the counts to a PC. The advantage of BQI is simplicity.  Anyone who owns a PDA knows how limited the small screen can be for displaying or editing large amounts of data.  With BQI, the PDA is used for only one function: entering counts.  BQI does not use bar codes or scanning, so there are no complicated lists to maintain and no expensive hardware to buy.  Just take the PDA to your count areas, count inventory, and sync!

Designed to work with Aspect Software.  Inventory items are displayed by location in the order you setup in Aspect.  Counts are exported to Aspect.

Each item lists Name and Count Size in a clear, easy-to-read screen

Enter numbers as you would on a clipboard, no awkward writing or pecking

Works with most Palm PDA's - no expensive hardware requirements