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Back-Office Management Solutions


Back-Office Software is the heart of the Bullseye System.  We use the Back-Office program to make complex calculations and perform the following functions:

Integrated Inventory, Purchasing and Recipe Costing

Ideal Analysis and Menu Engineering

Scheduling, Projected Labor, and Payroll Reporting

Daily and Week-to-date Operating Reports

Multi-Unit Management and Reporting

Data Polling to Corporate Office


The investment in management software goes beyond the cost of the software itself.  Proper setup and training requires time and expertise.  You will benefit the most by defining your needs and planning and managing the implementation and setup.

Do you have a program that you purchased that you could not get to work properly?  

We can evaluate the system and help you determine your next step!




Aspect Software is our choice for complete back-office management.  Aspect tackles all the functions above, plus Aspect provides Data Integration with most POS systems, accounting programs, and payroll processing. 


We love Aspect because of the depth of features and flexibility it offers, but it is not for everyone.  There are other programs we work with that may be more suited for your situation.  We also create our own spreadsheet, database, and PDA applications.  We can work with you to package a solution to best fit your needs.