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Aspect is an All-in-One Solution that Provides Powerful Management Tools, Reporting, Data Integration, and Polling Capabilities 

Integrated Inventory, Purchasing and Recipe Costing

Enter Invoices and inventory costs and recipe costs are automatically updated

Enter Inventory Counts and inventory values are calculated using FIFO or Weighted Average method.  Inventory counts can be used to generated suggested vendor orders

Sales mix is imported daily from the POS to generate Cost of sales and Ideal Analysis 

Scheduling, Projected Labor, and Payroll Reporting

Use Schedule tool to create schedules by department or job code

Get shift card showing staff lineup for each day or shift

Projected labor report combines scheduled labor with week-to-date actual hours worked to show schedule variance and updated projected overtime

Payroll reports show wages, tips, and budget comparisons

Daily and Week-to-date Operating Reports

Create operating reports that show sales, labor, and inventory costs and targets

Access unlimited historical data

Flexible report display lets you filter and sort reports to your liking 

Multi-Unit Management and Reporting

Maintain inventory, recipes, and reporting from a master store

Use FTP to send daily data to a corporate office license using built-in scripting

Data Integration Capabilities

Imports sales and timekeeping data from most leading POS Systems store

Exports sales and invoices to leading Accounting Programs, like QuickBooks

Exports payroll information to leading payroll software and payroll processors