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The idea for Bullseye Restaurant Controls was developed over many years.  David was a restaurant owner and operator for twenty years and  prided himself on cost control.  Always a "numbers guy," he started experimenting with spreadsheets and databases back in the "Dos" days of the 1980's.  David soon discovered how computers could save him time with regular management functions like scheduling, ordering, and financial projections.  

The introduction of POS systems and accounting database programs reinforced David's belief that computers belonged in restaurants.  As the technology progressed David saw a growing trend; the large restaurant companies were taking advantage of technology more than the small companies.  An obvious reason for this occurrence was economics: computer systems were expensive and small operations had difficulty justifying the cost.  But another under-lying reason was support.  Smaller companies did not have an IT staff or an accounting staff to learn  these systems and manage the data.   An owner-manager working 80 hours a week did not have time to learn about computer hardware and software.  As a result, many smaller companies were slow to get on the technology wagon, and many that did were underutilizing the systems they purchased.    

David developed the Bullseye System to help restaurants implement control systems that are tailored for their business.  David fills the roll of on-call Controller and IT department, providing a resource for his clients for decisions related to technology and managerial accounting.






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David Tishkoff, CPA developed Bullseye Restaurant Controls to offer independent restaurants and small chains a resource for managerial accounting and IT support